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We Are Your Friendly And Reliable!

Our Customer Promise

We work with trustworthy contractors who are local to you and are qualified to carry out any type of plumbing work. 

We take care of your home as if it was ours and we always ensure that you are 100% satisfied with our work. 

Whether you are looking to get your sink, toilet or shower repaired, or whether you need a new bathroom or new appliances installed, we carry out the work by taking care of each and every detail.

Being Local Means That We Can Get To You Sooner

Life happens and sometimes you may end up needing an urgent plumbing job done. We can get to you quickly regardless of whether you are based in Petaluma or surrounding areas. We care about helping our clients in any sort of plumbing emergency and being located in Petaluma allows to cover many of the villages around it. 

We Will Always Respect Your Decisions

We will always give you advice on what the next steps should be, but if for any reason you decide that this is not the right time for a certain job to be carried out, or you simply decide to go with someone else, we will always respect your choice. 

We Are All About Clear Communication And Reliable Timings

We promise to communicate clearly and deliver within the agreed time frame. Should any impediment arise, we will keep you informed and agree on what the next plan of action should be. This will always be agreed around you and your needs. Contact us now and we will be delighted to help.

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