Bathroom installation in Petaluma and surrounding areas

When it comes to bathroom installation or refurbishment in Petaluma, our plumbing engineers are more than happy to assist! 

We can handle all types of bathrooms for both domestic and commercial properties!

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installed bathroom in Petaluma

We are bathroom plumbing professionals

With several years of experience in all kinds of plumbing work, our engineers are also qualified to install your new bathroom.

We love seeing how pleased our customers look once they see their newly refurbished bathroom and our goal is to please more and more customers for many years to come!

bathroom installation

How much does it cost to install a new bathroom?

We are unable to say how much your bathroom installation will cost until we schedule a consultation with you to see what your exact requirements are.

The cost can vary depending on many factors, such as:

  • The dimensions of your bathroom
  • The type of installation you need
  • The complexity of the job

All these factors affect the number of materials needed and the man-hour time to complete the job. 

What we definitely advise is that you always use a professional to install your bathroom. Saving too much money now could lead you to spend more at a later stage in order to fix the mistakes of unqualified people doing the job at a lower rate!

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