In need of burst pipe repair?

A burst pipe can have horrible consequences, going from flooding in your home to expensive repairs.

Get the issue fixed as soon as possible to avoid further damage!

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Are burst pipes common?

Burst pipes are a common plumbing issues. 

They happen mostly in cold weather when water within the pipe freezes and expands. 

The expansion will force the pipe to burst.

Pipes can burst in summer too, so it is important that you always keep an eye on any noticeable leak that could lead to further damage.

Our plumbing engineers are qualified to take care of burst pipe repair, so feel free to call us if you are currently experiencing such issues.

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What causes pipes to burst?


Here are the common reasons that lead to burst pipes:

  • Frozen water
  • Ageing – Rusty, old or poorly maintained pipes are more prone to bursting. High water pressure can easily lead to bursting pipes if these are too old to handle the pressure
  • Tree roots – These tend to grow towards any source of water close by and the movement can trigger a pipe burst
  • Poor installation – If pipes are poorly installed, these can easily leak and eventually burst
  • Hard water – Water containing minerals like magnesium and calcium can corrode pipes